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UPnP setting in BitcoinCore

Hi, To strengthen the bitcoin-blockchain I have been running a Bitcoin Fullnode on a Raspi3 for months. With gui. I 'allow incoming connections' and use 'Map port using UPnP' I can see on my router that it fowards port 8333 and i accept upto 40 connections. But with myNode i only see port 56881 being forwarded. Shouldn't myNode by default accept incomming conections or at least have a (easy) setting to do so?
(yes, since i am running both now i changed the port on my Fullnode: port=8334 :-) What are your thoughts?
btw the whole myNode-project is great !!
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Soo after almost 3 months of setting up I have my own LN full node running on RP3

Soo after almost 3 months of setting up I have my own LN full node running on RP3
I have been eager to try LN mainnet since the very beginning of it. I've found out about lnd, eclair, zap and other wallets but every scenario I tried to use it failed because of critical issues:
  • eclair does not really constitute a wallet, it's more like a credit card - you can send money but not receive it
  • lnd is okay, but requires a server and tons of resources for maintaining a full node, can't be used securely, efficiently and mobily at the same time
  • zap offers some cloud wallet (in testnet!) by default, this is a serious misunderstanding of my cryptoanarchy needs
  • web wallets - ah, forget it
So I've decided to use my Raspberry Pi with a very old laptop HDD attached (200GB so the pruning function has to be used) to create a backend wallet service and zap desktop (temporarily!) as my frontend control panel.
Setting up Pi is easy, lots of tutorials over the internet, not gonna discuss it here. Then I had to obtain bitcoind (current rel: bitcoin-0.17.0-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz) and lnd (lnd-linux-armv7-v0.5-beta.tar.gz), create a bitcoin technical user, deploy the tools, configure and install new systemd services and go through the configs. This is a tricky part, so let's share:
# Generated by https://jlopp.github.io/bitcoin-core-config-generato # This config should be placed in following path: # ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf # [core] # Set database cache size in megabytes; machines sync faster with a larger cache. Recommend setting as high as possible based upon machine's available RAM. dbcache=100 # Keep at most  unconnectable transactions in memory. maxorphantx=10 # Keep the transaction memory pool below  megabytes. maxmempool=50 # Reduce storage requirements by only storing most recent N MiB of block. This mode is incompatible with -txindex and -rescan. WARNING: Reverting this setting requires re-downloading the entire blockchain. (default: 0 = disable pruning blocks, 1 = allow manual pruning via RPC, greater than 550 = automatically prune blocks to stay under target size in MiB). prune=153600 # [network] # Maintain at most N connections to peers. maxconnections=40 # Use UPnP to map the listening port. upnp=1 # Tries to keep outbound traffic under the given target (in MiB per 24h), 0 = no limit. maxuploadtarget=5000 # [debug] # Log IP Addresses in debug output. logips=1 # [rpc] # Accept public REST requests. rest=1 # [wallet] # Do not load the wallet and disable wallet RPC calls. disablewallet=1 # [zeromq] # Enable publishing of raw block hex to 
. zmqpubrawblock=tcp:// # Enable publishing of raw transaction hex to
. zmqpubrawtx=tcp:// # [rpc] # Accept command line and JSON-RPC commands. server=1 # Username and hashed password for JSON-RPC connections. The field comes in the format: :$. RPC clients connect using rpcuser=/rpcpassword= arguments. You can generate this value with the ./share/rpcauth/rpcauth.py script in the Bitcoin Core repository. This option can be specified multiple times. rpcauth=xxx:yyy$zzz
Whooaa, this online config generator is really helpful, but I still had to manually correct a few things. The last line is obviously generated by rpcauth.py, I disabled the wallet functionality as lnd is going to take care of my funds. ZMQ is not available to the network so only my LND can use it, RPC usage I still have to think through a little, in general I would like to have my own block explorer some day but also be safe from any hacking attempts (thus I would need at least 2 RPC ports/user accounts - one for lnd, one for block explorer frontend). No ports open on firewall at this time, only UPnP is active and gently opens 8333 for block/tx transfers.
Now, synchronizing the blockchain took me time from mid-July to early September... The hard drive is really slow, also my external HDD drive has some trouble with its A/C adapter so Pi was getting undervoltage alerts all the time. Luckily, it is just downclocking when it happens and slowly but steadily synchronized the whole history. After all, I'm not paying even $5 monthly for a VPS, it is by design the cheapest hardware I could use to set up my LN wallet.
When bitcoind was ready (I've heard some stories about btcd but I don't trust this software yet, sorry), it's time to configure lnd.conf:
[Application Options] debuglevel=trace rpclisten= externalip=X.X.X.X:9735 listen= alias=X color=#XXXXXX [Bitcoin] bitcoin.active=1 bitcoin.mainnet=1 bitcoin.node=bitcoind [Bitcoind] bitcoind.rpchost= bitcoind.rpcuser=X bitcoind.rpcpass=X bitcoind.zmqpubrawblock=tcp:// bitcoind.zmqpubrawtx=tcp:// 
Here I've had to XXX a little more fields, as not only the bitcoind RPC credentials are stored here, but also my node's public information (it should be illegal to run nodes without specifically selected color and alias!). It is public (and I had to open port 9735 on my firewall), but not necessarily connected to my reddit account for most of the adversaries, so let's keep it this way. In fact, I also see a security vulnerability here: my whole node's stability depends on the IP being static. I could swap it for a .tk domain but who can tell if the bad guys won't actively fight DNS system in order to prevent global economic revolution? As such, I would rather see node identification in LN based on a public key only with possible *hints* of last-known-ip-address but the whole discovery should be performed by the nodes themself in a p2p manner, obviously preventing malicious actors from poisoning the network in some way. For now, I consider the IP stability a weak link and will probably have to pay extra Bitcoin TX fees when something happens to it (not much of a cost luckily!).

Okay then, lnd is up and running, had to create a wallet and give it a night for getting up to speed. I don't know really what took it so long, I'm not using Windows nor 'localhost' in the config so the issues like #1027 are not the case. But there are others like #1545 still open so I'm not going to ponder much on this. I haven't really got any idea how to automatically unlock the wallet after Pi restart (could happen any time!), especially since I only tried to unlock it locally with lncli (why would I enter the password anywhere outside that host?), but let's say that my wallet will only be as stable as my cheap hardware. That's okay for the beta phase.
Finally, zap-desktop required me to copy tls.cert and admin.macaroon files to my desktop. If my understanding of macaroon (it's like an authentication cookie, that can later be revoked) is correct then it's not an issue, however it would be nice to have a "$50 daily limit" macaroon file in the future too, just to avoid any big issues when my client machine gets stolen. Thanks to this, I can ignore the silly cloud-based modes and have fully-secure environment of my home network being the only link from me to my money.
Aaand there it is. The IP took some time to advertise, I use 1ml.com to see if my node is there. The zap interface (ZapDesktop-linux-amd64-v0.2.2-beta.deb) lacks lots of useful information so I keep learning lncli syntax to get more data about my new peers or the routes offered. The transactions indeed run fast and are ridiculously cheap. I would really love to run Eclair with the same settings but it doesn't seem to support custom lnd (why?). In fact, since all I need is really a lncli wrapper, maybe it will be easy to write my own (seen some web gui which weighs 700MB after downloading all dependencies with npm - SICK!). Zap for iOS alpha test registration is DOWN so I couldn't try it (and I'm not sure if it allows custom lnd selection), Zap for Android doesn't even exist yet... I made a few demo transactions and now I will explore all those fancy t-shirt stores as long as the prices are still in "early investor" mode - I remember times when one could get 0.001 BTC from a faucet...
If you find any of the facts presented by me false, I am happy to find out more in the discussion. However what I did I did mostly for fun, without paying much attention to the source code, documentation and endless issue lists on github. By no means I claim this tutorial will work for you but I do think I shared the key points and effort estimations to help others decide if they want a full-node LN client too. I'm also interested in some ideas on what to do with it next (rather unlikely that I will share my lnd admin.macaroon with anyone!) especially if it gives me free money. For example, I can open 1000 channels and start earning money from fees, although I no longer have more Bitcoins than the LN capacity yields... I will probably keep updating the software on my Pi until it leaves beta phases and only then will pour more money inside. I'm also keen on improving the general security of my rig and those comments I will answer more seriously.
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No Block Source Available

Hello Everyone, I cannot seem to get my wallet to sync. I have tried the peer download from bitcoin talk announcement, upgrading, deleting everything upgrading and replacing my wallet and I am officially at a loss.I have also tried to enable Map port using UPnP to see if that helps.
Any recommendations?
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Bitcoin-qt keeps crashing - Fatal Error

I've been using BTC since '10 and have always used the -QT client. PC died after a powercut yesterday and now I'm having huge issues trying to get bitcoin-qt up and running.
I have deleted the entire blockchain off my PC as I originally thought that was the issue.
From the debug.log this is what keeps appearing, followed by -qt shutting down.
2016-05-07 18:07:40 *** System error while flushing: CDB: Error -30974, can't open database 2016-05-07 18:07:42 UPnP Port Mapping successful. 2016-05-07 18:07:43 ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: ActivateBestChain failed 2016-05-07 18:07:43 addcon thread interrupt 2016-05-07 18:07:43 opencon thread interrupt 2016-05-07 18:07:43 net thread interrupt 2016-05-07 18:07:43 msghand thread interrupt 2016-05-07 18:07:44 scheduler thread interrupt 2016-05-07 18:07:44 Shutdown: In progress... 2016-05-07 18:07:44 StopNode() 2016-05-07 18:07:44 UPNP_DeletePortMapping() returned: 0 2016-05-07 18:07:44 upnp thread interrupt 2016-05-07 18:07:44 *** System error while flushing: CDB: Error -30974, can't open database 2016-05-07 18:07:45 CDBEnv::EnvShutdown: Error -30974 shutting down database environment: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery 2016-05-07 18:07:45 Shutdown: done 
I've started the client up again and it begins to connect to the network and re-download the blockchain but still crashes at about 4 years to go.
I don't think its a hdd space issue, I start the client with a datadir= set to a 50GB disk. (And now tried with 300gb drive)
I'm using latest version of the client.
Any ideas?
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The most interesting nmap result I've seen after scanning tens of thousands of addresses around my local net [dissect/discuss]

Nmap scan report for [neighborhood].2.243 Host is up (0.096s latency). PORT STATE SERVICE 1/tcp open tcpmux 3/tcp open compressnet 4/tcp open unknown 6/tcp open unknown 7/tcp open echo 9/tcp open discard 13/tcp open daytime 17/tcp open qotd 19/tcp open chargen 20/tcp open ftp-data 21/tcp open ftp 22/tcp open ssh 23/tcp open telnet 24/tcp open priv-mail 25/tcp filtered smtp 26/tcp open rsftp 30/tcp open unknown 32/tcp open unknown 33/tcp open dsp 37/tcp open time 42/tcp open nameserver 43/tcp open whois 49/tcp open tacacs 53/tcp open domain 70/tcp open gopher 79/tcp open finger 80/tcp open http 81/tcp open hosts2-ns 82/tcp open xfer 83/tcp open mit-ml-dev 84/tcp open ctf 85/tcp open mit-ml-dev 88/tcp open kerberos-sec 89/tcp open su-mit-tg 90/tcp open dnsix 99/tcp open metagram 100/tcp open newacct 106/tcp open pop3pw 109/tcp open pop2 110/tcp open pop3 111/tcp open rpcbind 113/tcp filtered ident 119/tcp open nntp 125/tcp open locus-map 135/tcp filtered msrpc 139/tcp open netbios-ssn 143/tcp open imap 144/tcp open news 146/tcp open iso-tp0 161/tcp open snmp 163/tcp open cmip-man 179/tcp open bgp 199/tcp open smux 211/tcp open 914c-g 212/tcp open anet 222/tcp open rsh-spx 254/tcp open unknown 255/tcp open unknown 256/tcp open fw1-secureremote 259/tcp open esro-gen 264/tcp open bgmp 280/tcp open http-mgmt 301/tcp open unknown 306/tcp open unknown 311/tcp open asip-webadmin 340/tcp open unknown 366/tcp open odmr 389/tcp open ldap 406/tcp open imsp 407/tcp open timbuktu 416/tcp open silverplatter 417/tcp open onmux 425/tcp open icad-el 427/tcp open svrloc 443/tcp open https 444/tcp open snpp 445/tcp open microsoft-ds 458/tcp open appleqtc 464/tcp open kpasswd5 465/tcp open smtps 481/tcp open dvs 497/tcp open retrospect 500/tcp open isakmp 512/tcp open exec 513/tcp open login 514/tcp open shell 515/tcp open printer 524/tcp open ncp 541/tcp open uucp-rlogin 543/tcp open klogin 544/tcp open kshell 545/tcp open ekshell 548/tcp open afp 554/tcp open rtsp 555/tcp open dsf 563/tcp open snews 587/tcp open submission 593/tcp open http-rpc-epmap 616/tcp open sco-sysmgr 617/tcp open sco-dtmgr 625/tcp open apple-xsrvr-admin 631/tcp open ipp 636/tcp open ldapssl 646/tcp open ldp 648/tcp open rrp 666/tcp open doom 667/tcp open disclose 668/tcp open mecomm 683/tcp open corba-iiop 687/tcp open asipregistry 691/tcp open resvc 700/tcp open epp 705/tcp open agentx 711/tcp open cisco-tdp 714/tcp open iris-xpcs 720/tcp open unknown 722/tcp open unknown 726/tcp open unknown 749/tcp open kerberos-adm 765/tcp open webster 777/tcp open multiling-http 783/tcp open spamassassin 787/tcp open qsc 800/tcp open mdbs_daemon 801/tcp open device 808/tcp open ccproxy-http 843/tcp open unknown 873/tcp open rsync 880/tcp open unknown 888/tcp open accessbuilder 898/tcp open sun-manageconsole 900/tcp open omginitialrefs 901/tcp open samba-swat 902/tcp open iss-realsecure 903/tcp open iss-console-mgr 911/tcp open xact-backup 912/tcp open apex-mesh 981/tcp open unknown 987/tcp open unknown 990/tcp open ftps 992/tcp open telnets 993/tcp open imaps 995/tcp open pop3s 999/tcp open garcon 1000/tcp open cadlock 1001/tcp open unknown 1002/tcp open windows-icfw 1007/tcp open unknown 1009/tcp open unknown 1010/tcp open surf 1011/tcp open unknown 1021/tcp open exp1 1022/tcp open exp2 1023/tcp open netvenuechat 1024/tcp open kdm 1025/tcp open NFS-or-IIS 1026/tcp open LSA-or-nterm 1027/tcp open IIS 1028/tcp open unknown 1029/tcp open ms-lsa 1030/tcp open iad1 1031/tcp open iad2 1032/tcp open iad3 1033/tcp open netinfo 1034/tcp open zincite-a 1035/tcp open multidropper 1036/tcp open nsstp 1037/tcp open ams 1038/tcp open mtqp 1039/tcp open sbl 1040/tcp open netsaint 1041/tcp open danf-ak2 1042/tcp open afrog 1043/tcp open boinc 1044/tcp open dcutility 1045/tcp open fpitp 1046/tcp open wfremotertm 1047/tcp open neod1 1048/tcp open neod2 1049/tcp open td-postman 1050/tcp open java-or-OTGfileshare 1051/tcp open optima-vnet 1052/tcp open ddt 1053/tcp open remote-as 1054/tcp open brvread 1055/tcp open ansyslmd 1056/tcp open vfo 1057/tcp open startron 1058/tcp open nim 1059/tcp open nimreg 1060/tcp open polestar 1061/tcp open kiosk 1062/tcp open veracity 1063/tcp open kyoceranetdev 1064/tcp open jstel 1065/tcp open syscomlan 1066/tcp open fpo-fns 1067/tcp open instl_boots 1068/tcp open instl_bootc 1069/tcp open cognex-insight 1070/tcp open gmrupdateserv 1071/tcp open bsquare-voip 1072/tcp open cardax 1073/tcp open bridgecontrol 1074/tcp open warmspotMgmt 1075/tcp open rdrmshc 1076/tcp open sns_credit 1077/tcp open imgames 1078/tcp open avocent-proxy 1079/tcp open asprovatalk 1080/tcp open socks 1081/tcp open pvuniwien 1082/tcp open amt-esd-prot 1083/tcp open ansoft-lm-1 1084/tcp open ansoft-lm-2 1085/tcp open webobjects 1086/tcp open cplscrambler-lg 1087/tcp open cplscrambler-in 1088/tcp open cplscrambler-al 1089/tcp open ff-annunc 1090/tcp open ff-fms 1091/tcp open ff-sm 1092/tcp open obrpd 1093/tcp open proofd 1094/tcp open rootd 1095/tcp open nicelink 1096/tcp open cnrprotocol 1097/tcp open sunclustermgr 1098/tcp open rmiactivation 1099/tcp open rmiregistry 1100/tcp open mctp 1102/tcp open adobeserver-1 1104/tcp open xrl 1105/tcp open ftranhc 1106/tcp open isoipsigport-1 1107/tcp open isoipsigport-2 1108/tcp open ratio-adp 1110/tcp open nfsd-status 1111/tcp open lmsocialserver 1112/tcp open msql 1113/tcp open ltp-deepspace 1114/tcp open mini-sql 1117/tcp open ardus-mtrns 1119/tcp open bnetgame 1121/tcp open rmpp 1122/tcp open availant-mgr 1123/tcp open murray 1124/tcp open hpvmmcontrol 1126/tcp open hpvmmdata 1130/tcp open casp 1131/tcp open caspssl 1132/tcp open kvm-via-ip 1137/tcp open trim 1138/tcp open encrypted_admin 1141/tcp open mxomss 1145/tcp open x9-icue 1147/tcp open capioverlan 1148/tcp open elfiq-repl 1149/tcp open bvtsonar 1151/tcp open unizensus 1152/tcp open winpoplanmess 1154/tcp open resacommunity 1163/tcp open sddp 1164/tcp open qsm-proxy 1165/tcp open qsm-gui 1166/tcp open qsm-remote 1169/tcp open tripwire 1174/tcp open fnet-remote-ui 1175/tcp open dossier 1183/tcp open llsurfup-http 1185/tcp open catchpole 1186/tcp open mysql-cluster 1187/tcp open alias 1192/tcp open caids-sensor 1198/tcp open cajo-discovery 1199/tcp open dmidi 1201/tcp open nucleus-sand 1213/tcp open mpc-lifenet 1216/tcp open etebac5 1217/tcp open hpss-ndapi 1218/tcp open aeroflight-ads 1233/tcp open univ-appserver 1234/tcp open hotline 1236/tcp open bvcontrol 1244/tcp open isbconference1 1247/tcp open visionpyramid 1248/tcp open hermes 1259/tcp open opennl-voice 1271/tcp open excw 1272/tcp open cspmlockmgr 1277/tcp open miva-mqs 1287/tcp open routematch 1296/tcp open dproxy 1300/tcp open h323hostcallsc 1301/tcp open ci3-software-1 1309/tcp open jtag-server 1310/tcp open husky 1311/tcp open rxmon 1322/tcp open novation 1328/tcp open ewall 1334/tcp open writesrv 1352/tcp open lotusnotes 1417/tcp open timbuktu-srv1 1433/tcp open ms-sql-s 1434/tcp open ms-sql-m 1443/tcp open ies-lm 1455/tcp open esl-lm 1461/tcp open ibm_wrless_lan 1494/tcp open citrix-ica 1500/tcp open vlsi-lm 1501/tcp open sas-3 1503/tcp open imtc-mcs 1521/tcp open oracle 1524/tcp open ingreslock 1533/tcp open virtual-places 1556/tcp open veritas_pbx 1580/tcp open tn-tl-r1 1583/tcp open simbaexpress 1594/tcp open sixtrak 1600/tcp open issd 1641/tcp open invision 1658/tcp open sixnetudr 1666/tcp open netview-aix-6 1687/tcp open nsjtp-ctrl 1688/tcp open nsjtp-data 1700/tcp open mps-raft 1717/tcp open fj-hdnet 1718/tcp open h323gatedisc 1719/tcp open h323gatestat 1720/tcp open h323q931 1721/tcp open caicci 1723/tcp open pptp 1755/tcp open wms 1761/tcp open landesk-rc 1782/tcp open hp-hcip 1783/tcp open unknown 1801/tcp open msmq 1805/tcp open enl-name 1812/tcp open radius 1839/tcp open netopia-vo1 1840/tcp open netopia-vo2 1862/tcp open mysql-cm-agent 1863/tcp open msnp 1864/tcp open paradym-31 1875/tcp open westell-stats 1900/tcp open upnp 1914/tcp open elm-momentum 1935/tcp open rtmp 1947/tcp open sentinelsrm 1971/tcp open netop-school 1972/tcp open intersys-cache 1974/tcp open drp 1984/tcp open bigbrother 1998/tcp open x25-svc-port 1999/tcp open tcp-id-port 2000/tcp open cisco-sccp 2001/tcp open dc 2002/tcp open globe 2003/tcp open finger 2004/tcp open mailbox 2005/tcp open deslogin 2006/tcp open invokator 2007/tcp open dectalk 2008/tcp open conf 2009/tcp open news 2010/tcp open search 2013/tcp open raid-am 2020/tcp open xinupageserver 2021/tcp open servexec 2022/tcp open down 2030/tcp open device2 2033/tcp open glogger 2034/tcp open scoremgr 2035/tcp open imsldoc 2038/tcp open objectmanager 2040/tcp open lam 2041/tcp open interbase 2042/tcp open isis 2043/tcp open isis-bcast 2045/tcp open cdfunc 2046/tcp open sdfunc 2047/tcp open dls 2048/tcp open dls-monitor 2049/tcp open nfs 2065/tcp open dlsrpn 2068/tcp open avocentkvm 2099/tcp open h2250-annex-g 2100/tcp open amiganetfs 2103/tcp open zephyr-clt 2105/tcp open eklogin 2106/tcp open ekshell 2107/tcp open msmq-mgmt 2111/tcp open kx 2119/tcp open gsigatekeeper 2121/tcp open ccproxy-ftp 2126/tcp open pktcable-cops 2135/tcp 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open mapper-ws_ethd 3995/tcp open iss-mgmt-ssl 3998/tcp open dnx 4000/tcp open remoteanything 4001/tcp open newoak 4002/tcp open mlchat-proxy 4003/tcp open pxc-splr-ft 4004/tcp open pxc-roid 4005/tcp open pxc-pin 4006/tcp open pxc-spvr 4045/tcp open lockd 4111/tcp open xgrid 4125/tcp open rww 4126/tcp open ddrepl 4129/tcp open nuauth 4224/tcp open xtell 4242/tcp open vrml-multi-use 4279/tcp open vrml-multi-use 4321/tcp open rwhois 4343/tcp open unicall 4443/tcp open pharos 4444/tcp open krb524 4445/tcp open upnotifyp 4446/tcp open n1-fwp 4449/tcp open privatewire 4550/tcp open gds-adppiw-db 4567/tcp open tram 4662/tcp open edonkey 4848/tcp open appserv-http 4899/tcp open radmin 4900/tcp open hfcs 4998/tcp open maybe-veritas 5000/tcp open upnp 5001/tcp closed commplex-link 5002/tcp open rfe 5003/tcp open filemaker 5004/tcp open avt-profile-1 5009/tcp open airport-admin 5030/tcp open surfpass 5033/tcp open unknown 5050/tcp open mmcc 5051/tcp open ida-agent 5054/tcp open rlm-admin 5060/tcp open sip 5061/tcp open sip-tls 5080/tcp open onscreen 5087/tcp open unknown 5100/tcp open admd 5101/tcp open admdog 5102/tcp open admeng 5120/tcp open unknown 5190/tcp open aol 5200/tcp open targus-getdata 5214/tcp open unknown 5221/tcp open 3exmp 5222/tcp open xmpp-client 5225/tcp open hp-server 5226/tcp open hp-status 5269/tcp open xmpp-server 5280/tcp open xmpp-bosh 5298/tcp open presence 5357/tcp open wsdapi 5405/tcp open pcduo 5414/tcp open statusd 5431/tcp open park-agent 5432/tcp open postgresql 5440/tcp open unknown 5500/tcp open hotline 5510/tcp open secureidprop 5544/tcp open unknown 5550/tcp open sdadmind 5555/tcp open freeciv 5560/tcp open isqlplus 5566/tcp open westec-connect 5631/tcp open pcanywheredata 5633/tcp open beorl 5666/tcp open nrpe 5678/tcp open rrac 5679/tcp open activesync 5718/tcp open dpm 5730/tcp open unieng 5800/tcp open vnc-http 5801/tcp open vnc-http-1 5802/tcp open vnc-http-2 5810/tcp open unknown 5811/tcp open unknown 5815/tcp open unknown 5822/tcp open unknown 5825/tcp open unknown 5850/tcp open unknown 5859/tcp open wherehoo 5862/tcp open unknown 5877/tcp open unknown 5900/tcp open vnc 5901/tcp open vnc-1 5902/tcp open vnc-2 5903/tcp open vnc-3 5904/tcp open unknown 5906/tcp open unknown 5907/tcp open unknown 5910/tcp open cm 5911/tcp open cpdlc 5915/tcp open unknown 5922/tcp open unknown 5925/tcp open unknown 5950/tcp open unknown 5952/tcp open unknown 5959/tcp open unknown 5960/tcp open unknown 5961/tcp open unknown 5962/tcp open unknown 5963/tcp open indy 5987/tcp open wbem-rmi 5988/tcp open wbem-http 5989/tcp open wbem-https 5998/tcp open ncd-diag 5999/tcp open ncd-conf 6000/tcp open X11 6001/tcp open X11:1 6002/tcp open X11:2 6003/tcp open X11:3 6004/tcp open X11:4 6005/tcp open X11:5 6006/tcp open X11:6 6007/tcp open X11:7 6009/tcp open X11:9 6025/tcp open x11 6059/tcp open X11:59 6100/tcp open synchronet-db 6101/tcp open backupexec 6106/tcp open isdninfo 6112/tcp open dtspc 6123/tcp open backup-express 6129/tcp open unknown 6156/tcp open unknown 6346/tcp open gnutella 6389/tcp open clariion-evr01 6502/tcp open netop-rc 6510/tcp open mcer-port 6543/tcp open mythtv 6547/tcp open powerchuteplus 6565/tcp open unknown 6566/tcp open sane-port 6567/tcp open esp 6580/tcp open parsec-master 6646/tcp open unknown 6666/tcp open irc 6667/tcp open irc 6668/tcp open irc 6669/tcp open irc 6689/tcp open tsa 6692/tcp open unknown 6699/tcp open napster 6779/tcp open unknown 6788/tcp open smc-http 6789/tcp open ibm-db2-admin 6792/tcp open unknown 6839/tcp open unknown 6881/tcp open bittorrent-tracker 6901/tcp open jetstream 6969/tcp open acmsoda 7000/tcp open afs3-fileserver 7001/tcp open afs3-callback 7002/tcp open afs3-prserver 7004/tcp open afs3-kaserver 7007/tcp open afs3-bos 7019/tcp open unknown 7025/tcp open vmsvc-2 7070/tcp open realserver 7100/tcp open font-service 7103/tcp open unknown 7106/tcp open unknown 7200/tcp open fodms 7201/tcp open dlip 7402/tcp open rtps-dd-mt 7435/tcp open unknown 7443/tcp open oracleas-https 7496/tcp open unknown 7512/tcp open unknown 7625/tcp open unknown 7627/tcp open soap-http 7676/tcp open imqbrokerd 7741/tcp open scriptview 7777/tcp open cbt 7778/tcp open interwise 7800/tcp open asr 7911/tcp open unknown 7920/tcp open unknown 7921/tcp open unknown 7937/tcp open nsrexecd 7938/tcp open lgtomapper 7999/tcp open irdmi2 8000/tcp open http-alt 8001/tcp open vcom-tunnel 8002/tcp open teradataordbms 8007/tcp open ajp12 8008/tcp open http 8009/tcp open ajp13 8010/tcp open xmpp 8011/tcp open unknown 8021/tcp open ftp-proxy 8022/tcp open oa-system 8031/tcp open unknown 8042/tcp open fs-agent 8045/tcp open unknown 8080/tcp open http-proxy 8081/tcp open blackice-icecap 8082/tcp open blackice-alerts 8083/tcp open us-srv 8084/tcp open unknown 8085/tcp open unknown 8086/tcp open d-s-n 8087/tcp open simplifymedia 8088/tcp open radan-http 8089/tcp open unknown 8090/tcp open unknown 8093/tcp open unknown 8099/tcp open unknown 8100/tcp open xprint-server 8180/tcp open unknown 8181/tcp open unknown 8192/tcp open sophos 8193/tcp open sophos 8194/tcp open sophos 8200/tcp open trivnet1 8222/tcp open unknown 8254/tcp open unknown 8290/tcp open unknown 8291/tcp open unknown 8292/tcp open blp3 8300/tcp open tmi 8333/tcp open bitcoin 8383/tcp open m2mservices 8400/tcp open cvd 8402/tcp open abarsd 8443/tcp open https-alt 8500/tcp open fmtp 8600/tcp open asterix 8649/tcp open unknown 8651/tcp open unknown 8652/tcp open unknown 8654/tcp open unknown 8701/tcp open unknown 8800/tcp open sunwebadmin 8873/tcp open dxspider 8888/tcp open sun-answerbook 8899/tcp open ospf-lite 8994/tcp open unknown 9000/tcp open cslistener 9001/tcp open tor-orport 9002/tcp open dynamid 9003/tcp open unknown 9009/tcp open pichat 9010/tcp open sdr 9011/tcp open unknown 9040/tcp open tor-trans 9050/tcp open tor-socks 9071/tcp open unknown 9080/tcp open glrpc 9081/tcp open unknown 9090/tcp open zeus-admin 9091/tcp open xmltec-xmlmail 9099/tcp open unknown 9100/tcp open jetdirect 9101/tcp open jetdirect 9102/tcp open jetdirect 9103/tcp open jetdirect 9110/tcp open unknown 9111/tcp open DragonIDSConsole 9200/tcp open wap-wsp 9207/tcp open wap-vcal-s 9220/tcp open unknown 9290/tcp open unknown 9415/tcp open unknown 9418/tcp open git 9485/tcp open unknown 9500/tcp open ismserver 9502/tcp open unknown 9503/tcp open unknown 9535/tcp open man 9575/tcp open unknown 9593/tcp open cba8 9594/tcp open msgsys 9595/tcp open pds 9618/tcp open condor 9666/tcp open unknown 9876/tcp open sd 9877/tcp open unknown 9878/tcp open unknown 9898/tcp open monkeycom 9900/tcp open iua 9917/tcp open unknown 9929/tcp open nping-echo 9943/tcp open unknown 9944/tcp open unknown 9968/tcp open unknown 9998/tcp open distinct32 9999/tcp open abyss 10000/tcp open snet-sensor-mgmt 10001/tcp open scp-config 10002/tcp open documentum 10003/tcp open documentum_s 10004/tcp open emcrmirccd 10009/tcp open swdtp-sv 10010/tcp open rxapi 10012/tcp open unknown 10024/tcp open unknown 10025/tcp open unknown 10082/tcp open amandaidx 10180/tcp open unknown 10215/tcp open unknown 10243/tcp open unknown 10566/tcp open unknown 10616/tcp open unknown 10617/tcp open unknown 10621/tcp open unknown 10626/tcp open unknown 10628/tcp open unknown 10629/tcp open unknown 10778/tcp open unknown 11110/tcp open unknown 11111/tcp open vce 11967/tcp open sysinfo-sp 12000/tcp open cce4x 12174/tcp open unknown 12265/tcp open unknown 12345/tcp open netbus 13456/tcp open unknown 13722/tcp open netbackup 13782/tcp open netbackup 13783/tcp open netbackup 14000/tcp open scotty-ft 14238/tcp open unknown 14441/tcp open unknown 14442/tcp open unknown 15000/tcp open hydap 15002/tcp open unknown 15003/tcp open unknown 15004/tcp open unknown 15660/tcp open bex-xr 15742/tcp open unknown 16000/tcp open fmsas 16001/tcp open fmsascon 16012/tcp open unknown 16016/tcp open unknown 16018/tcp open unknown 16080/tcp open osxwebadmin 16113/tcp open unknown 16992/tcp open amt-soap-http 16993/tcp open amt-soap-https 17877/tcp open unknown 17988/tcp open unknown 18040/tcp open unknown 18101/tcp open unknown 18988/tcp open unknown 19101/tcp open unknown 19283/tcp open keysrvr 19315/tcp open keyshadow 19350/tcp open unknown 19780/tcp open unknown 19801/tcp open unknown 19842/tcp open unknown 20000/tcp open dnp 20005/tcp open btx 20031/tcp open unknown 20221/tcp open unknown 20222/tcp open ipulse-ics 20828/tcp open unknown 21571/tcp open unknown 22939/tcp open unknown 23502/tcp open unknown 24444/tcp open unknown 24800/tcp open unknown 25734/tcp open unknown 25735/tcp open unknown 26214/tcp open unknown 27000/tcp open flexlm0 27352/tcp open unknown 27353/tcp open unknown 27355/tcp open unknown 27356/tcp open unknown 27715/tcp open unknown 28201/tcp open unknown 30000/tcp open unknown 30718/tcp open unknown 30951/tcp open unknown 31038/tcp open unknown 31337/tcp open Elite 32768/tcp open filenet-tms 32769/tcp open filenet-rpc 32770/tcp open sometimes-rpc3 32771/tcp open sometimes-rpc5 32772/tcp open sometimes-rpc7 32773/tcp open sometimes-rpc9 32774/tcp open sometimes-rpc11 32775/tcp open sometimes-rpc13 32776/tcp open sometimes-rpc15 32777/tcp open sometimes-rpc17 32778/tcp open sometimes-rpc19 32779/tcp open sometimes-rpc21 32780/tcp open sometimes-rpc23 32781/tcp open unknown 32782/tcp open unknown 32783/tcp open unknown 32784/tcp open unknown 32785/tcp open unknown 33354/tcp open unknown 33899/tcp open unknown 34571/tcp open unknown 34572/tcp open unknown 34573/tcp open unknown 35500/tcp open unknown 38292/tcp open landesk-cba 40193/tcp open unknown 40911/tcp open unknown 41511/tcp open unknown 42510/tcp open caerpc 44176/tcp open unknown 44442/tcp open coldfusion-auth 44443/tcp open coldfusion-auth 44501/tcp open unknown 45100/tcp open unknown 48080/tcp open unknown 49152/tcp open unknown 49153/tcp open unknown 49154/tcp open unknown 49155/tcp open unknown 49156/tcp open unknown 49157/tcp open unknown 49158/tcp open unknown 49159/tcp open unknown 49160/tcp open unknown 49161/tcp open unknown 49163/tcp open unknown 49165/tcp open unknown 49167/tcp open unknown 49175/tcp open unknown 49176/tcp open unknown 49400/tcp open compaqdiag 49999/tcp open unknown 50000/tcp open ibm-db2 50001/tcp open unknown 50002/tcp open iiimsf 50003/tcp open unknown 50006/tcp open unknown 50300/tcp open unknown 50389/tcp open unknown 50500/tcp open unknown 50636/tcp open unknown 50800/tcp open unknown 51103/tcp open unknown 51493/tcp open unknown 52673/tcp open unknown 52822/tcp open unknown 52848/tcp open unknown 52869/tcp open unknown 54045/tcp open unknown 54328/tcp open unknown 55055/tcp open unknown 55056/tcp open unknown 55555/tcp open unknown 55600/tcp open unknown 56737/tcp open unknown 56738/tcp open unknown 57294/tcp open unknown 57797/tcp open unknown 58080/tcp open unknown 60020/tcp open unknown 60443/tcp open unknown 61532/tcp open unknown 61900/tcp open unknown 62078/tcp open iphone-sync 63331/tcp open unknown 64623/tcp open unknown 64680/tcp open unknown 65000/tcp open unknown 65129/tcp open unknown 65389/tcp open unknown 
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Any luck installing bitcoin-qt on ubuntu 16.04 with upnp?

I'm getting a disabled "map port using upnp" checkbox after installing bitcoin-qt 12.01 on ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The method I used to install bitcoin was: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt
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" Bitcoin bad " [ participating ] Heartbleed vulnerability affects bitcoins ... ( Chinese hackers published technical affirm ) - Transfer from Bitcoin first Chinese community -

weibo: http://weibo.com/5107450688/B0Kv8hLAk
BBS: http://bbs.btcman.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=17782&page=1&extra=#pid82563#0-tsina-1-83270-397232819ff9a47a7b7e80a40613cfe1
Heartbleed vulnerability affects bitcoin ... let the brother in person to tell you how dangerous loophole Heartbleed
Disclaimer: This article caused by subsequent exposure , at your own liability .
Author : btcrobot
Contribute BTC: 1NDnnWCUu926z4wxA3sNBGYWNQD3mKyes8 Originally wanted to write articles related articles side chains , but feel deep enough , the other seems a bit of a MM Frank wrote , brother does not like re- nonsense, direct point of security-related today . . . . .
Evil octal dividing line . . . . . . . . . . . .
About Heartbleed loopholes, as a bit of people , must be sensitive to , ah, brother of the first time I felt vulnerability unlimited , ideas unlimited , unlimited play , as to get rid of xxx, it needs Martian guts , brother still relatively conservative , but in another way detour and the line, this is just to let you experience the next :
Steps are as follows :
1 find various bits coins, currency cottage client IP address , find a specific port, which enable SSL
Get bitcoin client ip installed two ways :
1 Download a qt-bitcoin client, open debug.log, ok it collects inside IP
2014-04-21 01:53:27 init message: loading is complete 2014-04-21 01:53:27 Initialization result: 1 2014-04-21 01:53:28 ERROR: GetMyExternalIP (): connection closed 2014-04-21 01:53:28 receive version message: / Satoshi: 0.8.5 /: version 70001, blocks = 296904, us =, them =, peer = : 8333 2014-04-21 01:53:28 Added time data, samples 2, offset -6 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:33 ERROR: GetMyExternalIP (): connection to failed 2014-04-21 01:53:35 receive version message: / Satoshi: /: version 70001, blocks = 296904, us =, them =, peer = : 8333 2014-04-21 01:53:35 Added time data, samples 3, offset -13 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:35 No valid UPnP IGDs found 2014-04-21 01:53:35 upnp thread exit 2014-04-21 01:53:36 receive version message: / Satoshi: 0.8.5 /: version 70001, blocks = 296904, us =, them =, peer = : 8333 2014-04-21 01:53:36 Added time data, samples 4, offset +12 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:36 socket recv error 10054 2014-04-21 01:53:41 ERROR: GetMyExternalIP (): connection closed 2014-04-21 01:53:48 receive version message: / Satoshi: 0.9.99 /: version 70002, blocks = 296904, us =, them =, peer = : 8333 2014-04-21 01:53:48 Added time data, samples 5, offset -12 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:48 nTimeOffset = -6 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:48 ERROR: GetMyExternalIP (): connection to failed 2014-04-21 01:53:48 ext-ip thread exit 2014-04-21 01:53:49 receive version message: / Satoshi: 0.9.1 /: version 70002, blocks = 296904, us =, them =, peer = : 8333 2014-04-21 01:53:49 Added time data, samples 6, offset -13 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:50 receive version message: / Satoshi: 0.9.0 /: version 70002, blocks = 296904, us =, them =, peer = : 8333 2014-04-21 01:53:50 Added time data, samples 7, offset -12 (+0 minutes) 2014-04-21 01:53:50 nTimeOffset = -12 (+0 minutes)
Look at these IP right, gather next :)
2 Use blockchain, this can cause huge point , opening https://blockchain.info/zh-cn/connected-nodes
Not only know the IP, and intuitively know the client version used for those versions vulnerable , silent, huh. .
file :/ / / C: \ DOCUME ~ 1 \ ADMINI ~ 1 \ LOCALS ~ 1 \ Temp \ ksohtml \ wps_clip_image-28929.png
3 write a small crawler , automated constantly crawl the IP, NG saved as a file in the following format , do not ask me to code. . . Their play to Xxx Yyy . . . .
4 Improved bleed procedures through the entire document , well, to the point code
func readLines (path string) ([] string, error) { file, err: = os.Open (path) if err! = nil { return nil, err .... 00000580 32 32 2d 31 33 39 32 38 39 37 31 31 31 30 30 30 | 22-1392897111000 | ........
| onnection: keep-| | alive .. If-Modifi | | ed-Since: Fri, 1 | | 1 Apr 2014 10:35 | |: 05 GMT ........; | | `...... ~ 9D .. X. .. |
If 443 , if it is a server , I rely on you regularly collect it, pattern matching. . . . Bypass to the other , web springboard , and the like . . . If ssl + rpc, broken rpc, if not set the wallet password, and then send a command transfer bitcoins , oh, my god ...
Bitcoins are so cottage currency would not have said that if there is 443 loopholes still be out of every minute . . .
heartbleed bitcoin client to attack , in the case of open rpc protocol , using ssl certification, can be attacked . This is the vast majority of the server program will open options. Individual users should not panic. . . .
Well, not much to say , and you figure it out , and quickly upgrade it, rose no harm ! ! ! ! The key is to site users , exchanges, router port mapping is also careful. .
Disclaimer: purely technical discussion, in fact, I guess black circle know. . . Sent to run the risk of being accused of a two-way . . . You feel for it. .
OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability 11 April 2014What happened The version of OpenSSL used by Bitcoin Core software version 0.9.0 and earlier contains a bug that can reveal memory to a remote attacker. See http://heartbleed.com/ for details. What you should do Immediately upgrade to Bitcoin Core version 0.9.1 which is linked against OpenSSL version 1.0.1g. If you use the official binaries, you can verify the version of OpenSSL being used from the Bitcoin Core GUI's Debug window (accessed from the Help menu). If you compiled Bitcoin Core yourself or use the Ubuntu PPA, update your system's OpenSSL. Linux users should also upgrade their system's version of OpenSSL. Android Android version 4.1.1 is vulnerable to Heartbleed. Try if you can upgrade to at least Android 4.1.2. If you are using Bitcoin Wallet on an Android phone, you should upgrade the app to at least version 3.45. How serious is the risk If you are using the Windows version of the Bitcoin Core GUI without a wallet passphrase, it is possible that your wallet could be compromised by clicking on a bitcoin:. Payment request link If you are using bitcoind (on Linux, OSX, or Windows) , have enabled the-rpcssl option, and allow RPC connections from the Internet, an attacker from a whitelisted (-allowip) IP address can very likely discover the rpcpassword and the last rpc request. It is possible (but unlikely) private keys could be sent to the attacker.
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UPNP vs Port Forwarding vs DMZ (PS4) - YouTube UpnP Wizard Port Forward without Router using portmap.io  new vpn 2019 method 100% DEFCON 19: UPnP Mapping

Summary. Either. turn off the checkbox in the GUI under Options → Network → Map port using UPNP (see above) add the line upnp=0 to your bitcoin.conf file; add -upnp=0 to the command line options; Also upgrade to a version of Bitcoin Core at least 0.10.3 or 0.11.1.These versions upgrade the library to a non-vulnerable version, as well as disable UPnP by default to prevent this problem in ... UPnP setting in BitcoinCore. Close. 3. Posted by 3 months ago. UPnP setting in BitcoinCore. Hi, To strengthen the bitcoin-blockchain I have been running a Bitcoin Fullnode on a Raspi3 for months. With gui. I 'allow incoming connections' and use 'Map port using UPnP' I can see on my router that it fowards port 8333 and i accept upto 40 connections. But with myNode i only see port 56881 being ... Is it possible to map a port using UPnP, with SOAP, to bind to a local port where my http server is listening? Ask Question Asked 8 years, 11 months ago. Active 8 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 3k times 2. 1. Say, I'm behind a router at, which leads to external ip which is (a dsl modem) which leads to a public internet address. Is it possible using uPnP, via SOAP ... Vulnerability in UPnP library used by Bitcoin Core 12 October 2015 Summary. Either. turn off the checkbox in the GUI under Options → Network → Map port using UPNP (see above) add the line upnp=0 to your bitcoin.conf file; add -upnp=0 to the command line options; Also upgrade to a version of Bitcoin Core at least 0.10.3 or 0.11.1. These versions upgrade the library to a non-vulnerable ... At the start Dec 3, 2013 - Via user Stick, google bitcoin map there is now a map showing every store in the world that accepts Bitcoin.(You may also want to map port 18333 for Bitcoin's testnet, although this guide does not cover using Mar 17, 2018 - Bitcoin Map Port Using Upnp.Mar 27, 2018 - 10 Address map; 11 See Also; 12 References The probability that a mistyped address is accepted as ...

[index] [45218] [39799] [24125] [5363] [13429] [39692] [6090] [47957] [27950] [3581]

"UPNP" setting to hikvision Dvr/Nvr for port forward on ...

How To Port Forward using UPnP through DoS - Duration: 3:58. TXG GAME 21,633 views. 3:58 . How to Open Port Windows - Duration: 3:33. Kali Pentesting 11,531 views. 3:33. Using NETSH to change your ... How to Open Ports & Hack over [WAN] using Portmap.io PortMap is a Free port forwarding solution How it works You create VPN tunnel from your PC to our server... This Video Explain How To Setup Manual UPnP Mapping Mode On Hik Connect Hikvision Content Creator : Achmad Nawawi (https://www.youtube.com/AchmadNawawi) Dona... UPNP vs Port Forwarding vs DMZ - explaining the differences, "Pros and Cons", and which is best for PS4, XBOX One and Gaming. (In a way that's easy to unders... The software allows scanning internal hosts behind the device NAT, manual port-mapping(WAN to LAN, WAN to WAN) and a SOCKSv4 proxy service that automatically maps requests to UPnP devices. Most ...