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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. All Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are now owners of Bitcoin Cash. All Bitcoiners are welcome to join the Bitcoin Cash community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world.

WOW! Bitcoin mining continues to get more decentralized! BTC dot com and Antpool hash rate percentages continue to drop as new independent miners enter the market. 👍

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"Antpool Signals for Bitcoin Unlimited" – achieving a new high

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Bitcoin Pool Support for Bigger Blocks Pie Chart. Updated with AntPool's new support for emergent consensus. The consensus is starting to look overwhelming

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Antpool Signals for Bitcoin Unlimited - Nigeria News

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03-18 13:22 - 'Antpool Gives 75% Hashpower to BU While Exchanges Confirm Listing a Split' ( by /u/JonyRotten removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1121-1126min

Antpool Gives 75% Hashpower to BU While Exchanges Confirm Listing a Split
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In the news • Antpool Signals for Bitcoin Unlimited

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Antpool Signals for Bitcoin Unlimited - Nigeria News

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WOW! Bitcoin mining continues to get more decentralized! BTC dot com and Antpool hash rate percentages continue to drop as new independent miners enter the market.

WOW! Bitcoin mining continues to get more decentralized! BTC dot com and Antpool hash rate percentages continue to drop as new independent miners enter the market. submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Jihan Wu (AntPool): "A new Bitcoin user was confused by the slow Bitcoin network and the fee policy. (From a wechat group)

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Anyone know about this Nui company out of Colorado? There are pushing a new mining operation called Mintage and claiming its tied to antpool, slush pool and Genesis mining. They are guaranteeing large returns. Bigger than Genesis and it just seems ultra fishy. Any input? /r/Bitcoin

Anyone know about this Nui company out of Colorado? There are pushing a new mining operation called Mintage and claiming its tied to antpool, slush pool and Genesis mining. They are guaranteeing large returns. Bigger than Genesis and it just seems ultra fishy. Any input? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

"Antpool Signals for Bitcoin Unlimited" achieving a new high

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Bitcoin Pool Support for Bigger Blocks Pie Chart. Updated with AntPool's new support for emergent consensus. The consensus is starting to look overwhelming /r/btc

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Jihan Wu (AntPool): "A new Bitcoin user was confused by the slow Bitcoin network and the fee policy. (From a wechat group)

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New to Bitcoin. Need some help. Antpool and BFGMiner /r/Bitcoin

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BCHN vs ABC in numbers : there's a clear winner.

I've breakdown the data in Four sets : pool support, companies/organisations support, infrastructure, futures price. I’ll update the data based on your comments - as I probably forgot some key players - so it is the most accurate !
Pools signaling BCHN : : :
Binance :
Huobi :
P2Pool :
Hashpipe :
Easy2mine :
Viabtc* :
Okex :
Pools signaling ABC :
Viabtc* :
Conclusion :
BCHN hash signaled : Around 64%
ABC hash signaled : Around 5%
Hash unsignaled : Around 31% (mainly Jihan Wu with Antpool & pools)
*ViaBTC said they were going to support the 2 implementations and once asked to clarify, stated that ABC would be the default implementation for the miners in their pool (I divided the hashrate by 2 regarding Viabtc to obtain the hash signaled numbers).
Companies/organisations signaling BCHN :
All other node implementations : BU, BCHD, Bitcoin Verde, Knuth :
Readcash :
Membercash :
Mainnet : :
SLP foundation :
Coinex** :
Lazyfox :
Companies/organisations signaling ABC :
Coinex** :
**Haipo Yang stated that he would support both coins.
Conclusion :
BCHN : More than 10 companies/organisations
ABC : 1 company
fulcrum (electrum server that electron and others depend on)
electrs (electrum server that electron and others depend on)
crescent wallet
all electrum servers for electron
cash accounts infrastructure
infrastructure run by im_uname
slp infrastructure
General Protocols' BCH Price Oracle, smart contract redemption services
Electrum Cash
HonkHonk :
BCHN : 288$
ABC : 29$
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Cryptocurrency mining

‼️‼️‼️SAG MINING TECHNOLOGY IS THE FUTURE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING‼️‼️‼️ Sag Mining Ltd is a platform provided with computing power-sharing services to users around the world. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. You can enjoy the service with just one click.
Our service makes mining accessible to everyone. We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and we love to be part of this growing community. Our dual mining system is suitable for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and looking for an easy way to invest money.
With Sag Mining Bitcoin Cloud Mining is absolutely in your hands. Simple and fast generating of own Bitcoins thanks to the newest technology and a professional system specially designed for mining Bitcoins.
For a direct start you will receive free Mining Power as a gift immediately after registration! Our engineers always pick the best mining equipment of first-class manufacturing and collaborate with the world's leading mining pools, such as and Antpool.
Sign up right now:
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Mining Pool - Thoughts?

I'm sorry if this has been asked. I was approached by someone on linkedin from Antpool. I do my own research but I think I'm too new to bitcoin to fully understand. I use Kraken and have a Trezor wallet but that's pretty much my knowledge (thanks to great subreddits and a lot of research over the last couple of weeks). So the question is, are mining pools legit? Do you guys use them?
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Miner donations will not be implemented. I will vote No in the hashrate vote.

Jiang Zhuoer, the founder of Leibite mining pool, said in a Weibo post.
It was him who first proposed the plan, and it was also him who stood up and said that he would vote against it. The taste is only known to the BCH community who has been sawing for more than a month.
Planned preform
All this has to start from January 22. On this day, Jiang Zhuoer also published the article "Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) for Bitcoin Cash" on Weibo and medium at the same time. In his opinion, the current BCH has a problem of developer operating funds, only A few companies donate to developers, and the other members are hitchhikers, which can be called a tragedy of the commons.
In fact, it is not just BCH. Many early projects without 1CO lack a continuous source of funds. BTC and LTC also rely on the sustainable funding of companies and individuals to donate to developers. Regarding this, Jiang Zhuoer added at the subsequent AMA held by Reddit that a few companies continued to donate, and these companies' right to speak would increase, which might affect the development in the future, which is also a major hidden danger.
So based on the consideration of stable development funds, he said that several major mining pools on BCH (BTC.TOP, Antpool,, ViaBTC, will implement a new donation plan that will reward BCH for block explosions. 12.5% ​​was donated to a specially established fund to support BCH infrastructure, which aims to provide sufficient funds for BCH developers. Blocks that are unwilling to participate in this donation plan will be isolated.
According to its disclosure, the donation will last 6 months and the estimated amount is about 6 million US dollars. A Hong Kong company has been set up to accept and distribute funds. At the end of the article, Jiang Zhuoer, Wu Jihan, Yang Haibo and Roger Ver were stated to be supporters of this plan.
The response was extremely intense
After the news came out, BCH communities at home and abroad had a heated discussion. There are mixed voices in China. Some people think that this is a great benefit to the BCH currency price. Some people think that this is a miner sacrificing part of their own interests to support infrastructure construction. It is a manifestation of the spirit of the community, but some people allege that this is a pumping behavior ... these are evident in the comments below Jiang Zhuo's blog post.
The foreign community, which has gathered most of the BCH developers and core personnel, is even more dramatic.
On January 23, the day after the BCH miner donation plan was issued, Amaury Séchet (@deadalnix), the chief developer of the ABC team of BCH, posted a post on [1], which is the platform for the donation plan. He said this plan It has been brewing for a long time. The operation of the team needs financial support, clarifying that this is not the so-called "compulsory miner tax". What's more notable is that he thinks that there is no problem as long as the endowment fund can be transparent, and even Mao has recommended himself that he and Jonald Fyookball, the chief developer of Electron Cash, a light wallet developed by BCH, are qualified to control the fund.
Later, the Jonald Fyookball he mentioned also posted on [2], which also said that it would be beneficial to the team and miners. I have tried many measures on development funds before, but none of them worked. One will be a short six-month trial and will be upgraded in the next BCH agreement.
However, the core people in the community took the lead to speak out in support of this, but it could not stop the tide of opposition afterwards.
In order to fight for the miners' donation, the moderators of also created a special "Debate section" [4] for the community to express their opinions.
On January 26, Peter Rizun, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) team, posted a post on it [5], explaining in detail the operation of funds in this scheme. (It is necessary to add here that the BCH network is composed of two major clients, ABC and BU, which together account for more than 95% of the 1,510 public nodes in the BCH network.)
According to his article, the 12.5% ​​block reward BCH tokens will be sent directly to the new company in Hong Kong, and the developer's operating funds will come from the funds obtained by the new company from selling these BCH tokens on the exchange.
After the mining revenue decreases, the hash rate of the network will drop by about the same percentage. Since BCH accounts for about 3% of the SHA256 hash rate, and other conditions remain unchanged, the total income of SHA256 miners will fall by ~ 0.4%. The following figure graphically shows the flow of these donated tokens: In fact, the mining The merchant lost only a small part of its profits. The group of investors who ultimately bought the BCH tokens out of the Hong Kong company. In the text, Peter Rizun pointed out that this is simply the developer service tax of BCH, and corruption will arise.
In addition, the Bitcoin protocol has been eleven years so far. At present, what BCH needs to do is how to make the protocol more stable. The role of developer should gradually fade away, and the continuous growth of users is the core. Peter Rizun even stated at the end of the article that the monopolistic miners are still trying to adopt such a plan, and the greed is obvious and disgusting, and the BU team will probably not accept this donation plan.
On the same day, BCH developer Imaginary Username posted that he believes that the development team's funds can come directly from capital investment, sponsorship, shareholder contributions and voluntary payments by miners, rather than forcing miners to pay. c After this, a BCH crowdfunding plan named was announced online [7], and proposed other fundraising schemes other than donations from miners, and emphasized that this would be a new proposal based on voluntary.
In general, opponents of these donation programs acknowledge that developers need revenue and infrastructure needs to be maintained, but also said that if the final plan is passed, those who do not support this plan will be lonely and violate the blockchain. spirit. Whether the taxation in disguise causes corruption, whether it will be carried out for a long time, or whether it violates the spirit of blockchain decentralization is the focus of debate.
Things are still fermenting. Subsequently, also began to counter water, thinking that there is no consensus on this plan at present, and the development team needs to be clear about their use of funds. will also adopt a more prudent attitude and will not risk the risk of chain forks To support this decision.
In the face of various oppositions, Jiang Zhuoer released a new donation plan on February 1 [9], stating that the issue of donation ratio is in fact questionable, and reiterated that this plan will be democratic and encourage miners to perform computing power. Vote for your opinion. This plan will only be implemented if more than two-thirds of the computing power vote in favor of the donation. On February 16, Jiang Zhuoer updated the donation plan again, which reduced the original 12.5% ​​to 5%.
However, the release of the new version did not solve the doubts in the community.
In response, digital currency commentator WhalePanda tweeted that the miner's tax rate is very funny, and any block that is not donated will be blocked. This is actually a totalitarian totalitarian regime, accompanied by a 51% attack threat.
On the same day on the 16th, Roger ver, the founder of the wallet, posted a YouTube video [10]. He believed that the donation ratio was 12.5% ​​or 5% a bit random, and said "probably because of communication problems". His donation plan supporters have his name, but in fact he and do not support the plan.
In fact, aside from the question of donation ratio, it is worth considering whether this so-called hashrate voting has practical significance. According to data from, the five mining pools of the four supporters mentioned by Jiang Zhuoer have a total BCH computing power of more than 51%, reaching 54.5%, occupying a considerable say, and it is difficult for other miners to have a real speech right.
Despite the opposition of the plan, it was still proceeding methodically.
On February 18, according to an official BitcoinABC tweet, the ABC team has added the code for the donation plan to the ABC version 0.21.0 client. At the same time, TobiasRuck and Antony Zegers of the ABC team, and the BCHD team have stated their support for the donation plan at this node.
On the one hand, there is no consensus, and on the other hand, donations need to be opened.
This self-talking attitude caused strong dissatisfaction in the community. On February 19th, Freetrader, one of the earliest developers in the BCH ecosystem, created a full node called BCH Node (BCHN) [11], This version will remove the donation plan, express protest, and then release the PGP signatures of the BCHN project supporters. The supporters gathered, including Alexander Levin Jr, CEO of, Pokkst of Crescent Cash wallet, Tipbitcoin cash, bitcoincashj , Tubing host Collin Enstad and others.
Fragmentation and unification
To this point, the community split into two camps, led by the ABC team and Electron Cash wallet, BCHD, etc. to support the donation plan, and BU, BCHN, etc. formed an opposition. In fact, various disputes have already raised concerns from the domestic and foreign communities that BCH may fork again.
Fragmentation, strife ...
This softened Jiang Zhuoer's attitude in LongBit's online live broadcast, saying that at least basic community consensus must be reached before donations can begin.
Subsequently, at the second meeting of the BCH developers, Séchet of the ABC team who initially stood up to support this plan also said loosely that there are currently differences, and miners will not ignore these opinions and go their own ways. If the community becomes better, Alternatives can also be implemented.
The concessions of the Séchets became a sign of gradual strife in foreign communities. Regarding the end of the entire donation plan, it ended with a post by Jiang Zhuoer's Weibo.
In the article "Talking about the differences and recent market trends of BTC, BCH, and BSV" on March 5, Jiang Zhuoer said that due to a lot of opposition from the community, especially from major BCH supporters like Roger, the donations of miners will not be implemented. . The dispute, which lasted more than a month, finally ended with the termination of the donation plan.
In fact, the donation plan was updated many times, and the donation share easily changed without letting us see the basis for its formulation, as Roger ver said "somewhat randomly". And "voluntary and democratic" computing power voting, if someone finally voted No in the computing power vote can influence the result, which will also lead to thinking about computing power dictatorship.
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Hashrate drop on BTC from 45 -> 25 Exahashes! Speed dropped to -44%! Mempool rising!

Its happening, hash rate is being withdrawn from BTC right now. Check out the stats:,24h

In the past 24 hours hash rate dropped from 45 to 25.71 Exahashes, speed dropped by -44%. The speculated difficulty change is -7% now on BTC.

Just a few hours left now. We will remember the 15th of November, that's for sure.

Edit: Already old news, its at 22 Exahashes now! And just one block was found on BCH as well in the past 1.5 hours. The silence before the storm....

Edit2: MINUS 61% SPEED NOW ON BTC. Speculated Difficulty drop increased to -8%. Holy moly.

Edit3: Antpool and ViaBtc didn't find a block on BTC in the past 4 hours. found their last block 10 hours ago.

Edit4: Last update for today: BTC hash rate is back to 34 Exahashes, speed is down by -33%. BTC mempool is at 40k unconfirmed transactions, the first transactions with +700sat/byte are appearing on BTC. I'm curious how the situation will look in 12 hours from now.
BCH hashrate is also down by -33%, 2 blocks have only been found in the past hour.
Edit5: it was nice while it lasted ;) BTC and BCH hash rates are back to normal, for now at least. Around 7 hours left until the fork now.
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A summary of QASH and why I believe it will serve a pivotal role in the growth of the cryptocurrency market worldwide.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with this project in any way. Don't take this as actual investment advice at face-value, but rather a comprehensive summary I put together based upon my own findings, research, and personal insight about the project. As always, if you do wish to invest, please DYOR beforehand and make your investments based upon your own assessment of the project.
The token is called QASH (by QUOINE) and it essentially serves as the financial utility and payment token for QUOINE's upcoming Liquid+ platform and all services which it provides. I haven't actually seen much talk going on about this anywhere, and to me, it's sort of baffling how seemingly under-the-radar this has been flying, given the problem that it's going to be solving in the cryptocurrency space.

The Problem

The platform that they've built is super intriguing to me as a cryptocurrency trader due to the fact that it's aiming to fundamentally solve a huge, yet often overlooked problem in this space: illiquidity. This really excites me because in my personal experience (and I'm sure for many others on this sub who are stuck trading with minor currencies), attempting to purchase BTC, ETH, or other tokens with a fiat currency like say, GBP, is just downright painful and usually ends up in an immediate loss since there are significantly fewer buyers and sellers in the relevant GBP markets than say, USD markets - and thus the market price can tend to slip easily in either direction even with relatively small trade amounts (as a result of high spreads).

The Solution: Liquid+

Now imagine the case whereupon this problem doesn't exist — where anyone around the world, whether it be individuals, institutional investment, businesses, etc., would always be able to have immediate access to highly liquid cryptocurrency markets, and not be subject to an inherent disadvantage simply by virtue of the specific fiat currency they're using to trade with or one particular exchange that they're trading on.
This is a landscape which the Liquid+ platform will be able to render to the cryptocurrency economy, and what I think solving this problem will ultimately mean is that we'll start to see a much more global influx of individuals and institutions coming into the cryptocurrency space because a massive, worldwide liquidity pool will have been created through the Liquid+ platform. Essentially, the platform will enable minor currencies such as the Rupee, Peso, Pound Sterling, Thai Baht, whatever it is you name it — to be traded with on the same level of liquidity that a major currency (e.g. USD) does. This is the function of what they're calling the "World Book".

World Book

The World Book essentially is a global aggregation of orders sourced from many different cryptocurrency exchanges (i.e. "liquidity silos"). Orders which are placed from within any of the connected exchanges can be simultaneously published into the Liquid+ platform and be matched with orders from a completely separate exchange. What's even more fascinating about this is that these matched orders aren't even necessarily required to be of the same trading pair.
So for instance, a trader who intends to make a btc-yen trade can be automatically matched up with another trader making a totally separate trade say, eth-euro, just by virtue of the world book internally executing a two-step transaction in order to "hop" from the euro trade to the yen trade. It's important to note that this entire process all happens seamlessly and is transparent to the end-user. Each trader would see every other traders' orders denominated in their preferred quote currency (even though the orders may actually be based on a different quote currency on the other side), meaning that the world book is "currency-agnostic" amongst all orders.
Performance-wise, the platform is deemed to be capable of handling over a million of these orders / FX-conversions per second, and is built upon a set of already established and tested technologies developed by QUOINE. As a result, much of the platform is actually already in place, and the integration work with many of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges are already underway or have been completed.
Additionally, here's a great explanation of what the World Book can do as described by Andre Pemmelaar, who is one of the architects of the platform. Further high level explanation by QUOINE CEO Mike Kayamori.
Another important point to note on this is that there's generally a big incentive for exchanges to participate in this World Book, as it will be able to funnel in substantially more trading volume from the markets of other exchanges.
In my mind, the World Book will no doubt be an absolute game changer to this space when it hits. However, there's another equally, if not more substantial component to the platform:

Prime Brokerage

Liquid+ will act as a Prime Brokerage service, and it will be the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency space (by which QUOINE is officially licensed by the JFSA, one of the strictest regulators in the world). One way you can think of it, is that this could effectively make Liquid+ into the Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley equivalent of the cryptocurrency space, and it's in fact aiming to become the platform upon which major hedge funds and institutional investors around the world will prefer to leverage in order to mitigate counter-party risk (such as a particular exchange getting hacked and losing funds), manage and move large amounts of fiat capital, as well as take advantage of the globally sourced liquidity pool provided by the world book.
To me, it makes perfect sense to have integrated, seeing as many of the major reputable exchanges around the world will have already been interconnected through the Liquid+ platform. Ultimately, it means individuals as well as major institutions coming into this space will no longer be required to deal with the pain of managing numerous individual accounts across multiple exchanges and transferring funds between each. Instead, Liquid+ allows its users to be provided with direct market access to the liquidity and trading pairs yielded by all associated exchanges in a single platform, and on a single account. By now, you can probably start to imagine just how attractive this is going to be for the major institutional players coming into this space, and on an international scale.

User-Generated Trading Strategies

Another intriguing feature is that once the QASH blockchain is implemented, the platform will be able to facilitate the authoring of custom-written automated trading strategies and algorithms by any of its users (including individuals as well as institutions), utilizing a variety of mainstream programming languages. These strategies can then be published to the platform and shared amongst other users. The profits yielded by these trading strategies are subject to fees which are then paid back in QASH to the authors of those strategies.

QASH Token Value Proposition

The value of the QASH token is proportional to the scale of its utility and velocity of usage. For starters, QASH can be used for payment on the Liquid+ platform for everything including trading fees, fees on profit from automated trading strategies (as described above), fiat / crypto credit lending, and for all other services that it renders. QASH can also be used as payment on QUOINE's other products: Quoinex and Qryptos. Additionally, users who elect to pay using QASH on these platforms do so at a discounted rate on fees.
Another important point to note here is that QASH will be used to fuel payment for all services rendered by the Prime Brokerage. So for instance when institutions start to utilize the platform, it means that this money will start to flow through the QASH token as well.
But I think perhaps the bigger and longer-term value proposition for QASH is the fact that it's striving to become the "Bitcoin or Ethereum of the financial services industry", meaning widespread adoption of QASH as the preferred cryptocurrency for use in financial institutions. As more and more of these institutions seek to gain a foothold in the blockchain space, they're going to be looking for cryptocurrencies that maintain trustworthy backing and have the appropriate governmental regulation / security frameworks set in place. QASH aims to fulfill this role and is in fact officially approved as a cryptocurrency by the Japanese government. Moreover, QUOINE is the only cryptocurrency exchange company which is audited by a "Big Four" accounting firm.
QASH is initially built upon the ERC-20 token standard, but will eventually migrate to its own blockchain by Q2 2019. As opposed to Ethereum, the blockchain will incorporate sophisticated tools and services which are geared specifically toward usage in the financial services industry (read more about these here). Having this inherent support for many financially related functions will be paramount for wider adoption as a token of preference, as QASH seeks to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency economy.
With adoption by the financial services industry, the value of the QASH token can then be expected to continue increasing as a result of its ever expanding utility and usage.
Additionally, here's an explanation of the QASH blockchain as described by Andre.

Brief Company Background (QUOINE)

QUOINE is a profitable and established FinTech company (over 250 years of combined FinTech experience) who have built Quoinex, one of the top ranking exchanges in the world by volume, as well as Qryptos, a token-to-token asset exchange and ICO platform. Quoinex is one of the largest fiat-to-crypto exchanges in the world with $12 Billion in annual transactions. They are the first global cryptocurrency firm in the world to be officially licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency (License 0002) and has as a "Big Four" external auditor.


What gives me confidence that QASH may succeed in becoming widely adopted by financial institutions is that the company is lead by those with strong financial leadership. QUOINE's executives hail from the financial services industry, many of whom have served executive positions at some of the biggest financial institutions in the world.
Detailed information about the executives and board directors can be found on the Liquid+ website (or in the whitepaper) so I won't list them all out here for the sake of conciseness, but many of them come from executive positions at major institutions including:

QASH / Platform Investors

Again, a full detailed list can be found on the Liquid+ website. Investors in the platform and QASH ICO include those who have executive leadership roles at companies such as:
Additionally, Mike had announced in his video AMA a few other notable investors in the ICO who aren't listed on the website:

Liquidity Partners

The platform of course needs a lot of liquidity partners from around the world participating in order for the system to function worthwhile. Andre discusses their numerous liquidity partnerships in this video, so I'll simply summarize:

Other Tidbits & Speculation



QASH, in the long-run, ultimately aims to become the standard preferred cryptocurrency used by financial institutions worldwide, the value of which is derived from the scale of its utility and widespread usage. The QASH token is also used to fuel payment for fees and services in QUOINE's trading platforms, one of which is an upcoming platform called Liquid+.
Liquid+ is a novel platform which I think will change the landscape of the cryptocurrency space. It builds a single massive global liquidity pool called the World Book which allows minor fiat currencies (e.g. Rupee, Peso, GBP, etc.) to trade crypto with the same liquidity that a major fiat currency (e.g. USD) does, significantly reducing losses due to high spreads, and ultimately provides the liquid on-ramp necessary for many potential untapped markets worldwide.
The platform also features a Prime Brokerage service (first of its kind in crypto) which will allow users direct market access to many exchanges throughout the world without the hassle of having to manage accounts on each, which mitigates counter-party risk. The Prime Brokerage service will be an attractive vehicle upon which major institutional investors will want to use for managing funds in the cryptocurrency space because it's safe, regulated, and government approved.
QASH is created by QUOINE, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange companies. QUOINE is headed by executives who previously served high-level positions at the world's largest financial institutions. Investors in QASH include financial executives at major institutions, and also a few well known figures: Taizo Son, Nobuyuki Idei, and Jihan Wu.

Further Reading & Resources

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A (Hopefully neutral) game-theoretical and mathematical look at the upcoming hard-fork.

Hey everyone, November is here and a hash war on BCH is likely to heat up soon. I wanted to take time to post about the possible outcomes of the chain split and hash war from a game-theoretical standpoint.
Realistically, there are only 3 major outcomes:
1) SV "wins" by preventing any form of replay protection while having more hash power.
2) SV splits and two different chains are formed - one off of the SV specification and one off the ABC / BU specification.
3) ABC / BU win by SV disallowing a hard fork while alternate clients maintain a higher hash rate.
The Mining Pools
So first, let's talk about mining pools, their interests, and their hash power.
We know that Coingeek, SVpool, okminer and BMGpool are the pools essentially rooting for SV to win. All of these pools have at least some affiliation with Craig Wright or nChain.
As of this morning, here are the Bitcoin Cash mining statistics for these pools:
BMG Pool: 620EH/s
Coingeek: 395PH/s
SVPool: 263PH/s
okminer: 237PH/s Edit - okminer appears to be onboard with ABC and I may have grouped them into SV improperly
Total SV Hashrate: 1.52EH/s 1.29EH/s
In comparison, several pools have indicated support for ABC / BU including: 300PH/s
ViaBTC: 266PH/s 231PH/s
AntPool: 137PH/s
Total ABC / BU hash rate: 934PH/s
I would consider a wild card as they have not announced explicit support, however they have indicated they use ABC for BCH mining in the past with their mining preference being primarily financial, they have also announced a goal of having 100k BCH on hand.. My instincts tell me they will want to protect their current interests and will likely maintain being on the ABC chain. Also, a non-split chain creates a hash vacuum that they will be happy to fill. 369 PH/s
Total confirmed and likely ABC / BU hash rate: 1.30EH/s
Sources: BCH pool statistics; BCH pool statistics.
The Other Chain
"But wait," you say... "with those statistics, it's pretty clear that SV is going to win the hash war." Not by a long shot. In fact, right now there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by swapping hashrate between the two primary SHA256 chains: BTC and BCH.
Because the hash war has not yet started, we should consider each mining pool's contributions to BOTH SHA256 chains.
Let's start with SV's contribution to the BTC chain:
BMG Pool: 0H/s
Coingeek: 0H/s
SVPool: 0H/s
okminer: 0H/s
Total SV Hashrate available: 1.52EH/s
In fact, the SV pools appear to be blindly mining BCH regardless of price. At best, this is absolute faith that the BCH chain is and will be superior. At worst, this is the owners of the SV pool economically pushing hash power off of BCH to unfairly try and convince people "who's is bigger."
Because there is currently nothing economic at stake, some of the pools that allow chain switching have substantial hash rate on the other chain. Let's take a look at that: 1.36EH/s
ViaBTC: 5.44EH/s 9.15EH/s
AntPool: 5.32EH/s
Total additional confirmed ABC/BU hash power available: 22.2EH/s
Again, may stick their horse in this race, so let's include some wild-card stats too: 5.81EH/s
Total confirmed and likely ABC / BU hash power available: 28.4EH/s
Sources: BTH pool statistics; BTC pool statistics.
Economic Game Theory and Idealism
I've heard from a few places that we can't count on pools to act out of idealism, and I think for the most part those concerns are correct. I also think there are non-idealistic reasons some pools have for mining BCH at a slight to moderate economic disadvantage. I also forsee an economic hash vacuum being created that will naturally be filled by miners at an economic advantage.
First off, let's talk about Bitmain:
Bitmain has a relatively firm say in what and how the AntPool and pool mine. They also have given investment startup to ViaBTC so it's likely they have serious pull there too.
According to leaked documents, Bitmain has previously reported owning over 1M BCH. A hard-fork that is perceived as malicious would undermine the value of their insanely sizable investment in BCH. I think it would be naive to believe that Bitmain won't temporarily be willing to mine even at a slight to moderate economic disadvantage to quash an SV chain. We don't have to rely on altruism to come to this easy conclusion.
Chance of Bitmain switching hash power to BCH during a contentious hard fork: Virtual guarantee
If you include only and AntPool, Bitmain currently has 14.8EH/s at their disposal. It would take 15% of their hash power alone to guarantee a safe 60% majority over SV.
If you include ViaBTC, their mining power increases to 20.5EH/s and only 11% of their resources are needed to guarantee a safe 60% majority.
On top of that, a hash war with no replay protection means that one chain wins everything and one chain loses everything. If Bitmain points 2.28EH/s of their mining power at BCH (ABC) and only accept non-SV blocks, it will orphan every SV block that is mined. The 1.52EH/s of mining power for SV is effectively worth nothing which actually leaves more room on the main BCH (ABC) chain for other miners to come in at an economic advantage.
Let's even assume that the price of BCH reduces back to the ~$420 per coin rate of a few days ago and the hash-rate follows. The hash rate at that time was around 3.3EH/s meaning that not only could Bitmain come in with 2.28EH/s to guarantee a lock, but another 1.1EH/s would still follow in its footsteps at an economic advantage. This is the hash vacuum I was referring to that would be filled due to SV mining at a total loss.
This scenario would hurt SV pools (potentially) exclusively.
Even with Bitmain pitching in hashrate by itself, SV cannot compete.
As an additional note, The current total BCH network hashrate as of today is 4.6EH/s which means that SV doesn't even control a majority at the current economic equilibrium.
Next up, we'll discuss
While it's my current understanding that Roger Ver does not directly make mining decisions about the mining pool, he will probably have a clear influence.
I don't know if he's disclosed his BCH holdings publicly, but I believe it's safe to assume his holdings are substantial.
I think he would have enough influence that either he could have the mining pool mine at a slight economic disadvantage -or- he could provide a subsidy out of his own pocket temporarily and still have a long-term economic advantage.
Chance of switching hash power to BCH during a contentious hard fork: somewhat likely for protective reasons alone, even more likely for economic reasons. alone accounts for 1.66PH/s of hashing power. They couldn't gain a 60% majority themselves, but if they point all hash power at BCH, they alone could squeak out a 52% Majority.
Because this would require all of their hash power with only a slight hash advantage, they do run the risk of getting unlucky for a substantial period of time if they go it alone. With that being said, even with the tiniest bit of help, the ABC side of the chain gains a clear majority.
MemoryDealers - care to comment on the intended hash distribution of the pool? I'll gladly update to directly link your comment for visibility in return.
The final pool to discuss (as well as being the biggest wild-card in the ABC bunch) is controls 6.18EH/s of hashing power.
While their motives seem economic in nature, their goal of owning 100k BCH means they likely also have a substantially nest-egg to protect. In general, they seem to have just gone-with-the-flow in the past, and could very well chose to do the same thing here.
Chance of switching hash power to BCH during a contentious hard fork: They will be happy to fill the economic vacuum that SV mining at a total loss creates.
If chose to outright protect the ABC/BU side of the chain, they can gain a safe 60% hashing majority with ~38% of their total available hashpower. More likely, I think they just happily fill out any remaining economic advantage from Bitmain and/or protecting their own interests.
So what the heck is going to happen?
Well, that depends.
Right now, SV hasn't shown that they have the hash power to even gain a majority hash of the current BCH network. Their pools were temporarily close to or above the 51% mark at the economic equilibrium of the lower $400-$450 price range, but as of today, they're only showing around 38% of hash power.
If SV has hash power offline or if they can get additional pools to use SV and mine BCH exclusively, our equations may change some... but I'm highly skeptical.
I find it unlikely that SV-based miners have thousands of peta-hash worth of miners sitting idly waiting for the hard-fork. Leaving that many miners idle for half of a month would effectively be the same as lighting millions of dollars in cash on fire.
My estimation is that to even have a chance, SV would need at least half of the hash power of Bitmain as that would force them to start to make some non-ideal economic decisions.
Even ignoring ViaBTC, that would require around 6EH/s remaining idle.
6EH/s of hash power is currently worth around $1.5M USD per day.
This would also require almost half-a million units at a start-up cost of around $3.1B (assuming Antminer S9s). I find it unlikely that an instillation that large will possibly be installed in the next 10 days.
I find the prospect of that many offline or to-be-installed miners insanely unlikely.
With that being said, it's fairly clear that SV will almost certainly not attain majority hash-power.
They are highly likely to not even reach the point where they make it economically disadvantageous to mine BCH to protect the primary (ABC / BU) chain. In fact, they likely make the prospect better.
ABC / BU would be at no obligation to implement replay protection as they will likely have majority hash-rate with no economic disadvantage.
While I think it's their best option, If SV chooses to implement replay protection and officially split, I think they shoot themselves in the foot economically. There may end up being two chains, but my impression is that most people with mining or economic interest are going to follow the ABC/BU chain. I think this makes the price of SV as a separate entity decline very substantially.
If SV chooses not to implement replay protection, they almost certainly get out-hashed until they've suffered enough economically to throw in the towel.
An additional note about the recent price increase
Many people are stating that the price increase is due to the prospect of a chain split. It is my impression however, that the former price depression was due to the perceived mismanagement that would occur as a result of having only one client (SV) and one primary entity (SV-controlled pools) essentially dictate changes.
I think it's important moving forward that we maintain a diverse and non-centralized array of wallet projects who effectively communicate potential protocol changes to each-other. I also think it's important moving forward that we maintain a diverse interest of independent pools.
While I don't think BCH is 100% there yet, I'm pretty sure the result of the November hard fork will reveal that we're headed very much in the correct direction.
I think the renewed price confidence is due in part to the superficial reason that "oh, look... there will be two chains" and for the non-superficial reason that the project still very much appears to be headed in the correct direction.
TL;DR - ABC has as much as 28.4EH/s ready to go while SV sits around 1.52EH/s. All signs point to ABC/BU being a virtual lock for November 15th
I still recommend paying attention to total pool hashrates and how they shift between BTC/BCH in the upcoming days, but it doesn't look good for SV.
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If you want segwit, but you don’t think we should attempt to activate it with BIP-148, please come explain why.

Starting in 26 days, BIP-148 nodes will reject blocks that do not signal for segwit. Today, 13.5% of nodes plan to reject these blocks. We do not yet know what miners will do in response to this.
If miners think that segwit is good for Bitcoin, or want to eliminate the harmful advantage that Bitmain has over them by using covert ASICBoost, or just think that BIP-148 coins will be worth more money, they may decide to mine the BIP-148 chain.
If miners think that the BIP-148 will not catch on, or do not want to contribute to a risky chain split, or are afraid that Bitmain will retaliate by not selling them ASICS, they may decide not to mine the BIP-148 chain.
After August 1st, there could be a series of blocks that all signal segwit. While these blocks are being mined, miners do not need to decide. They can signal segwit, and safely build on this chain. After a while, however, it is likely that Antpool will mine a block that does not signal segwit. At this point, miners are forced to decide. Do they build on Antpool’s block, or do they extend the BIP-148 chain?
If enough miners decide to extend the BIP-148 chain, we will have segwit in August, and Antpool will lose their ASICBoost advantage. I think that would be fantastic news. Progress on the protocol can resume. I think the price would rise dramatically. The endless bickering would be much reduced. Resolution would have come, not from Roger Ver, not from Core, not from Blockstream, but from grass roots. All we must do is get enough people on board, to give the miners who want to do this the cover they need, and to persuade miners who are not sure.
So what is holding you back? Let’s talk it through. Maybe you will change my mind, or maybe you will join the movement to show the world that a leaderless coalition can emerge and pull Bitmain’s foot up off of Bitcoin’s neck.
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Antpool antminer mining tutorial - bitmain worker setup ... Antpool mining bitcoin - Bitmain antpool setup Bitcoin mining with Bitmain Antminer S9 - how to get ... antpool set wallet of btc bch and select mining coin - YouTube Are USB Bitcoin Miners Profitable RIGHT NOW In 2020? - YouTube

The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. AntPool ist der größte Bitcoin-Pool in Bezug auf seine Hash-Power. Es wird von dem weltweit größten Bitcoin-Hardwarehersteller Bitmain Technologies betrieben. Ein Konto lässt sich ohne Gebühren erstellen. Was Sie benötigen, ist eine eigene Bitcoin Mining Hardware sowie eine Mining Software, die Sie später herunterladen können. Die Benutzeroberfläche ist sehr benutzerfreundlich. Die ... Antpool holds roughly 15% of the total hash rate of all Bitcoin mining pools. About Antpool. Antpool mined its first block in March 2014, meaning that it emerged roughly four years after the first mining pool; Slushpool. Antpool is run by Bitmain Technologies Ltd., the world’s largest Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, and a large portion of their pool is run on Bitmain’s own mining ... Bitcoin News Good and bad News about Bitcoin Menu Skip to content. Home; Bitcoin Ankauf-Verkauf = Buying-Selling; for Sale! Contact us; We hire talents; Category Archives: Antpool. Auto Added by WPeMatico. Anonymous Bitcoin Miners Fill Void as Bitmain Sizes Down . Leave a reply. Blockchain research unit Diar has published new data which illustrates the degree to which anonymous ... Antpool is an open access mining pool that supports ten cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC). The mining pool offers an app that monitors the hash rate of users’ miners in real-time, supports multi-coin mining and shared account management for convenience.

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Antpool antminer mining tutorial - bitmain worker setup ...

Rihards will explain, how to check your Antminer S9, set up wallet and how to configure it and get it connected to mining pool. Antminer S9 at Power ... Let's Review The Different Bitcoin Mining Pool 1. 2. 3. 4. My Bitcoin address for Tips: 1N4UcrwSg8FBMAuwKdG8z4... Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue ... Antpool from bitmain is an advanced mining pool offering many coins to mine including bitcoin. This tutorial will demonstrate antpool mining bitcoin and bitmain antpool setup with antminer. This tutorial will demonstrate how to mine bitcoin with antminer on bitmain antpool and setup a worker. #antpool #miningpool #cryptomining #mining #bitmain